June 18, 2019

Now Casting: Big Tweets and Repost Reddit Image Browser


Looking to add some new Android apps with Chromecast support to your smartphone or tablet? Check out our giant curated list of apps! But, before you do, you should learn about the newest titles added just today. We’ve got a handful to share with you which are worth looking into.

  • Big Tweets – Free to download and use, this one allows up to four hours of casting per day, with checking for new Tweets every five minutes. Need more time, unlock it for $2.99 per month; free 7-day trial of the premium experience for all new users. Perfect for office events, parties, and other social gatherings.
  • Repost Reddit Image Browser – Our second Reddit-based app of the week, this one lets users browse, save, and share images of all formats. Sort by top, rising, hot across all of your favorite subreddits; create custom lists and save to your device.