June 17, 2019

Now Casting: myVidster, Audials Radio, and HomeCast


Today we’re highlighting another three Android apps that have recently introduced some Chromecast capabilities. Each is a bit different from the other; two of them are existing apps while the third is new to the Google Play Store.


HomeCast for Chromecast

If you’re the type who likes to check out new apps and put your Chromecast through its paces, you’ll want to check out the following:

  • myVidster – Watch new, popular, and recently bookmarked videos from the myVidster community on the big screen.
  • Audials Radio – Choose from 63,000+ streaming stations from all over the world. Record to your device and save for later or export to the cloud, adjust settings with equalizer, and set the alarm to wake you up to your favorite station.
  • HomeCast for Chromecast – It’s not the prettiest of apps, but it’s a nice change of pace from the standard background experience. Features include images from 500px, Reddit/Imgur, and Flickr as well as weather, time/date, and more. Adjust fonts, sizes, and colors to get your desired look.