January 16, 2017

Now casting: PPT Chromecast, Art Gallery+, and RadioZix


Quick update to let you guys know about the new titles added to the big list of Android apps with Chromecast support. We’ve got three newbies today; each has a different usage case.

  • PPT Chromecast: More of a concept application at this point, its main design is to let users cast PPT files from their devices. It’s not the prettiest app we’ve seen and there’s quite a bit to iron out, but we like the promise.
  • Art Gallery+: Learn in-depth details for more than 425 famous paintings from popular artists with Wikipedia links and high-res replicas.Test yourself in the built-in quiz to see if you know the difference between Monet and Manet.
  • RadioZix: Cast radio streams from around the world to your television. Choose from multiple genres, including sports, news, and, of course, music.