June 18, 2019

Now Casting: Put.io, Istikana, and Tool for Picasa, Google+


Ready to kick off your week with some apps for your Chromecast? Take a look at these three Android titles which recently integrated Chromecast capability. We’ve got a short blurb about what you can expect out of each app.

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  • Put.io – Retrieve and store (put) files into your personal, private cloud and then mash it up with a host of other services, including XBMC, Roku, Boxee, and more. While it’s an unofficial Put.io client, it’s recognized by the service as being “wonderful”. 
  • Istikana – Access more than 5,000 hours of full length Arabic Movies and TV shows spread across 13 genres. Stream over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi, or watch offline as well.
  • Tool for Picasa, Google+ – View your online photo albums, upload pictures and videos, edit them, and share them with this all-in-one app. Forget crowding around the phone to share vacation pictures, this is how it should be done.
  • putio