June 18, 2019

NYC Schools approve Chromebooks


Google Chromebooks have slowly but surely gained popularity as they have matured.  One area that has widely accepted Chromebooks is the education sector.  Well, now they will get another boost because New York City schools have approved Google Chromebooks for use in their classrooms.  This means that Chromebooks will be reaching another million plus students across 1,800 schools.

Google Chromebooks are a perfect fit for the classroom because they are inexpensive compared to other platforms and they work seamlessly with Google’s education apps.  When using Google’s platform everything is all inclusive, the notebook and the apps.  This means no more looking for apps or programs that will work on a variety of machines.  This makes it very easy for a teacher to quickly get a classroom up to speed using the platform.

While most of these machines will be used in classrooms in grades K-12, you have to wonder about the longterm affects for Google.  Once these kids are used to using Google’s Chrome OS, will they keep using it once they’ve left high school and gone to college?  You have to think that at least a good chunk of the students will buy their own Chromebooks for use in college and beyond.

Source TechCrunch