June 17, 2019

Open source torrent streamer TorrenTV adds Chromecast support


Let’s be honest here; we know you’re torrenting files to your PC or Mac. Just about everyone we know in this post-Napster era is using a torrent client to –ahem- download copies of music and media they already legally own. In the case of movies, we certainly appreciate having a fast internet connection to pull down those massive files.

What if we told you there was a quicker way to watch these films? What if you could stream them instead of waiting for the entire file to finish? What if we told you that you could stream them to your Chromecast-connected television?

TorrenTV, an open source torrent streaming platform that works with Apple TV can now cast your movies to a Chromecast. Yes sir, it’s a simple as dragging a magnet or .torrent file to a window on a website. Available as a beta client for Windows, Mac, and Linux, TorrenTV lets users jump into their films in just a few minutes.

Note that this is an early release and things should only improve from here. Looking through comments on Reddit it appears that some users are able to get this to work much easier than others. What’s more, some reports indicate only .MP4 formats work properly. Nevertheless, this is just one more way to cast your favorite movies to a TV.