September 2, 2014

PlayOn seeks beta testers for Chromecast feature


The popular PlayOn service just updated their app to support Chromecast and are looking for people to test it out for them.

To enroll in the Beta and test the latest Chromecast support, simply download the following:

You can update your PlayOn/PlayLater to the Beta version of our next release with Chromecast support here:

(If you have both PlayOn and PlayLater, you need to update both to use the RecordTo feature in the PlayOn Browser. BE SURE TO INSTALL PLAYON FIRST AND THEN PLAYLATER SECOND)

You can use your PC or an Android, iOS, or BlackBerry device to send videos to your Chromecast with PlayOn.

Sending a video from PlayOn
1. Open the PlayOn Mobile app on your phone or tablet and connect to your PlayOn server.
2. Find a video you want to stream to your Chromecast and tap it.
3. Tap the Play button.
4. Select your Chromecast from the list that appears.


Sending a video from a website
1. In your PC’s web browser (you may need to enable the extension in your browser’s settings), browse to the video you want to send to your Chromecast.
2. Click the PlayOn extension icon and follow the steps to create your bookmark.
3. On the last step, select the Cast button and choose your Chromecast from the list.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy the latest Chromecast support with PlayOn Beta.