June 18, 2019

Pocket: Synchronized, offline reading across all of your devices [Chrome App of the Day]


Face it, you’re a busy dude. You’ve got things to do and places to go. The last thing you have right now is time to read that 7-page article from VICE that seems so interesting. What to do? In the old days we would print out or bookmark things to return to them later. But, what happens when we’re ready to read them and we’re not near a PC? Pocket, formerly Read It Later, solves this problem and plenty of others.

As a mobile or Chrome app, Pocket is among the first titles we install on every device. Why? Because it’s got a running, real-time list of all of those websites, videos, and things we always mean to read later. That recipe you were hoping to share with mom this weekend? Add it to your Pocket and keep a copy of it forever.

Don’t mistake this for just a mobile client either; the website is just as awesome. Everything syncs up immediately and you’re able to access the list as soon as you’re ready.

Always evolving and improving, Pocket lets users add tags to their items for easy search and retrieval. It’s dead simple to filter items (articles, images, videos), share them, add as favorites, and more. Reading your queue is much like you’ll find with an ebook reader app in that you can adjust fonts, sizes, and background colors. Really, we can’t say enough about this one.

For an even better experience, be sure to check out the Chrome extension called Save to Pocket. This one places a very nifty little icon in your toolbar which makes adding new articles a breeze. What’s more, a simple right click of the mouse and you’re able to add a website, image, or link to your Pocket account.