June 18, 2019

Public Radio & Podcast casts your NPR, PBS, APM, BBC streams


Those of you who like to listen to news, talk radio, and public broadcasts might appreciate being able to cast your shows to a television in the home or office. This goes doubly for users with nice audio systems to enhance listening.

Public Radio & Podcast lets listeners tune into more than 300 streams from popular source such as NPR, PBS, BBC, and APM. Like to get your fix of Terry Gross and Ira Glass? This app hooks you up with all those familiar names and voices.

Details for the app include pause and resume, setting favorites, background playback, and home screen widget. If you’re using the app in a work or home environment you might enjoy the sleep mode; no This American Life playing while you’re out of the office or counting sheep.

Available as a free, ad-supported experience, the app is also offered in a paid client.