June 18, 2019

Reviewing sports plays with Hudl


Today’s app is a little different. Since it’s the middle of football season, we’re going to try to cover some football apps this week. The app is called Hudl,and it’s for coaches who want to record and analyze every football play.

This app lets you record all of your plays with either you tablet or phone. You can then watch them back later, make notes, and use a host of many tools to analyze the plays. Coaches can import their playbook and give all of the players on the team access to study each play. The players will also have access to the recorded plays, so they can send all of the big ones to friends, family or even recruiters.

Chromecast functionality is here too. If you have a Chromecast enabled tv, you can send your films to a big screen so all of your players can see the plays at once.

Hudl is available now, check it out today on Google play.