September 3, 2014

Rhapsody and Napster announce Chromecast capabilities


Rhapsody (and Napster) on Friday announced that each service is now able to stream their music to a Chromecast via the Android app.

When you cast Rhapsody or Napster, you can play songs instantly, without the interruption of ads from our global catalog of 32 million songs. Casting music with Rhapsody and Napster is perfect for entertaining or if you are just relaxing at home, giving you the big screen advantage while keeping your music within arm’s reach.

The two companies are the latest in a series of developers to come out with support for Google’s Chromecast device. Users of the media stick can choose from a variety of sources for music, movies, and even games; the list grows longer by the day.

The iOS versions of the app is expected to see the update later this month.

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