January 16, 2017

RiffTrax website adds beta casting feature


RiffTrax has added Chromecast capabilities to its website so you can cast all of your favorite terrible movies. Users can now stream movies directly from the website to a TV with playback controls done through the (Chrome) browser. If you’ve already been casting from the internet then you’ll already be familiar with the process; no new apps or plugins required.

Remember, kids, this is beta so there may be a few quirks:

  • There is a minor bug when you attempt to discontinue Casting on your TV and continue using the player, which is usually done by clicking the “Stop casting” button, or clicking again on the blue Cast icon (above) to turn it “off”.
  • When the video returns to the site’s player, there will be audio but no video (the video will be black). This is an issue we hope will be fixed in a future update.