June 18, 2019

Send pictures straight from your camera to your TV with CameraCast [App of the Day]


There seem to be a plethora of photo streaming apps for the Chromecast that all do basically the same thing: show your gallery in a nice collage, and that’s basically it. CameraCast does it a bit different, and that’s why we’re taking a look at it.

Instead of sending pictures from your gallery to your screen, CameraCast sends photos that you take instantly from your camera. After you connect to your Chromecast, you take a picture, and it instantly sends to your screen. You can also format the photos a bit differently once they’re on the screen to accommodate for landscape/portrait photos.

The premium version is $2.00, and can be upgraded from inside the app. It gets rid of ads, and allows you to automatically stream a different picture to your screen every 1 or 5 seconds.

CameraCast is doing things differently, and we applaud them for that.