June 17, 2019

Seven YouTube channels to broadcast calm, soothing sounds to your TV


Looking for a great way to add some ambient noise or soothing sounds to your home or office? We’ve learned of a handful of YouTube channels which excel in providing calming background sounds and white noise. Sure, there’s hundreds more where this came from, but this is a wonderful starting point.

What you’ll find beyond these links are hours and hours of peaceful bliss to chill you out. Be it rainstorms, city traffic, ocean waves, or insects in a field, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, many of these provide great visuals to compliment the audio. Perfect for the home office or Sunday cuddling-on-the-couch session.

Pick any one of these channels and start casting to your Chromecast-ready TV. Just be careful not to fall asleep on the job!

We’d love to take credit for discovering these but we can’t; Tina Sieber of MakeUseOf comprised the list and we’re only passing it along!

  2. Relaxing White Noise
  3. austintrunk.
  4. David Huting
  5. Sounds by Knight
  6. Rainbird HD
  7. johnnielawson

via MakeUseOf