June 17, 2019

Smart Lock expected soon for Chromebooks


Are you getting tired of having to enter your password every time that you start your Chromebook up? Sure, you could set it so that your password isn’t always enabled, but where’s the security and peace of mind in that? Well, if you have a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop, it looks like you will be treated to a new feature for your Chromebooks. Smart Lock is how Google is making this possible with your devices.

Smart Lock is essentially your password for your Chromebook, but you don’t actually have to type anything into your Chromebook to unlock it. Originally announced at Google I/O alongside Lollipop, there have been almost no mentions of this functionality being implemented until this week.

Earlier in the week, folks running the Dev Channel on their Chromebooks found a new feature hidden in the updated Chromebook flags page (chrome://flags). This setting is under Easy Unlock, and Easy Sign-in and must be enabled before Smart Lock can fulfill its’ purpose.

Once you’ve enabled these settings, you can now get started. In order for it to work, you will need to have bluetooth turned on, on both your Chromebook and your Android device running Lollipop. You will have to enter that pesky password one more time, but once that’s complete, you’re almost home free.Smart Lock

A screen will pop up giving you instructions on how to set up Smart Lock between your devices, which includes sending a notification to your Android device of choice. Once this is complete, your Chromebook will be able to be unlocked by Smart Lock, as long as your Android device is within 100 feet away. If you’re worried about someone within that 100 feet getting ahold of your Chromebook and your information, Google was kind enough to give instructions on how to temporarily disable Smart Lock, so you can go back to peace and quiet.

Once the set up is complete, every time that you turn your Chromebook on, you can still enter your password, however, you will also be able to Smart Lock as well. When you are presented with your profile picture on the login screen, there is an unlock button that you must click to bypass the password. Again, this is only possible if your device is within 100 feet of your Chromebook.

Are you running the latest version of the Dev Channel on your Chromebook and have a device running Lollipop? Have you enabled this feature yet, and have been playing with it? Let us know what you think and how well it works, in the comment section down below.