June 17, 2019

Songza app review (Android)

Songza app review (Android) Reviewed by on . Rating: 5

Getting tired of terrestrial radio stations and the common denominator music that is all-encompassing “pop”? You’ll want to check out Songza, one of our favorite streaming music apps and services.

Not only does Songza deliver music based on genres, decades, and particular artists, but it’s also a great tool for very specific moments. Got the friends out back, grilling, and hanging out? There’s a playlist (or two or three) for that. Trying to unwind after a long day of work and need some down-tempo music to set the mood? Playlists for that, too.


One of the awesome things about Songza is that it lets you pick a particular mood or activity instead of a specific artist. There are tons of playlists based around other topics such epic film scores or songs designed to fit the time of day. Just waking up and need a little background music? Hit the 2PM “wall” and now you’re out of energy? Whatever it is chances are good that someone’s put together a soundtrack for it.

Songza is a free service (in-app ads) and uses the same songs you’ll hear on Slacker, Pandora, and others. The difference, however, is how things are collected. Live in Chicago? Maybe you’re partial to the Chicago Blues that came about in the 1950’s. Want to stay a step or two ahead of your friends? Tune into the Pitchfork’s Best New Music station and you can be that hipster.

The Android app is a terrific experience from the moment you first open it up. Users are invited to jump right into the Concierge feature and select music from a variety of time-sensitive lists. Indeed, the app knows that it’s Sunday afternoon and you may be sitting around drinking coffee. For that Songza will recommend some music. And, don’t worry about putting it on at night; there’s a timer you can set to automatically turn off.

While we appreciate Songza on its own (web or app) we love it even more now that it’s Chromecast-ready. Given that many of us have hooked our Chromecast up to a TV with a nice sound system Songza makes for a great party starter.

Users can log in via Facebook, Google+, or to create their own account with a standard login. Once done, your playlists and preferences are saved and accessible through what platform you choose. Like others in this space, Songza lets you skip tracks or give them the thumbs up/thumbs down rating. The more you use it, the better it gets.