August 21, 2014

StumbleUpon team creates '5by', a lean back video experience perfect for Chromecast


The team behind StumbleUpon have created a lean back TV-like experience for Android called “5by”. As you might expect from the developers of the serendipitous rabbit-hole that is StumbleUpon, this one is designed to provide viewers with a seemingly endless supply of curated videos for every mood. And, while it works great on a smartphone or tablet, it gets exponentially cooler on your Chromecast!

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With content added on a daily basis, the service promises time sensitive streams for topics. Like Songza does for music, 5by factors in the current day and time to offer up suggestions. Looking for something to watch between meetings? Maybe you just wanna geek out and take in some inspirational design videos. Want to see how well your favorite college player did in the NFL combine? There’s all sorts of great stuff collected from every corner of the web.

Perhaps the best part about the service is that it gets better with time, learning what you like and what you skip. The idea here is to just go tripping down the void of endless clips of stuff you find relevant, cool, and worth watching. Go ahead, pick a channel and lean back.