Happy Birthday to the Chromecast!

Chromecast 1st birthday

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Chromecast and what a year it has been. Google today announced that over the past 365 days there have been more than 400 million casting sessions tracked across the app spectrum. What’s more, Google’s little HDMI gadget is now sold in ...

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Android mirroring officially comes to Chromecast


With the all the new announcements coming out of Google I/O , perhaps the biggest one for Chromecast is Android mirroring. A simple touch of a button sees you mirroring your Android device with what appears to be little or no lag. With mirroring you will be able to cast screen from the ...

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Watch Google show off the new Chromecast features [Google I/O 2014]


So you’ve heard there are some big things coming from Google in regards to the Chromecast, eh? Indeed, there is quite a bit of awesome stuff rolling out today and over the course of the year. Rather than hit you over the head with everything in text format, we’ll hand things off to ...

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Desktop VLC player to get Chromecast support


VLC has long been the workhorse for watching videos on the PC, mainly due to the fact that it will play just about any damn thing out there. It’s no different with the Android app either, as it provides a pretty surefire way to watch those movie clips that would struggle on most of the... ...

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Android TV to debut at Google IO – report says

android tv

It wasn’t that long ago that Google had plans to get a place in your living room with a TV service , unfortunately that didn’t pan out quite as well as hoped with Google TV becoming a bit of a flop, mainly due to the half-baked integration of trying to combine apps and Pay TV... Read More

Chromecast goes global with multiple new markets


Google have been busy bringing the Chromecast to several new markets recently with official launches in Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal or Switzerland. Over on the Chrome blog, Google has announced the availability of the Chromecast in these lucky six countries which are some of the ...

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Japan next in line to offer Chromecast


Japan has become the latest market to announce the availability of Google’s Chromecast. A post on Google’s Japanese blog tells us the device arrives tomorrow, May 28, and will carry a price tag of ¥4,200. As is the case with other countries, the Chromecast will be available via the ...

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AllCast gets Twitch.TV support


AllCast is rapidly becoming the go-to app for streaming content to the Chromecast as its developer, Koushik Dutta, continues to provide updates that bring new capabilities for the excellent casting app. This time around its twitch.TV that gets a place on AllCast. And, with no official ...

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Chromecast coming to Australia


While not all countries have the pleasure of being able to use the Chromecast, we are starting to see it become more widely available but this time its Australia that could see in inbound any time soon Dick Smiths’s ,a large electrical retailer in Australia, may of let slip that Google ...

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Wuaki.tv adds Chromecast support for its Spanish customers


Good news for all you Spanish Chromecast fans, you can now stream movies and shows from the on-line Wuaki.tv service straight to your TV. Following a long period of beta testing, Wuaki.tv have now made streaming to the Chromecast official. And this is not all, the Spanish video-on-demand ...

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