Google Cast tech comes to more TVs; mobile app gets renamed


Google on Tuesday announced its casting capabilities have come to more devices. Specifically, VIZIO’s new SmartCast P-Series displays, soundbars, and speakers. Indeed the TVs are cast-ready for apps while the soundbars and speakers are designed for casting your audio. The P-Series also ...

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New Chromecast products


Today was a big day for Google, as it announced new Nexus devices, a new tablet, and new Chromecast devices (yes, that’s plural!). There are two Chromecast devices now, one meant for TV, and one meant for speakers, dubbed Chromecast Audio. Let’s take a look at each! Chromecast First ...

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Chromecast bundled with all sorts of freebies and goodies right now


Still on the fence as to whether to purchase a Google Chromecast? At $35, the HDMI dongle is already quite the bargain, but some of you might need some additional swaying. Perhaps some of these new promotions are enough to get you to pick one up. If you buy a Chromecast between now and ...

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The Chromecast has competition from Intel


The Chromecast has to be one of my favorite gadgets of the last year or so.  For so long it was a pain to get the content on my smartphone onto the big screen.  Sure it was possible, but the Chromecast made it painless.  Sometimes there can be connection issues, but most of the time... Read More

Chromecast app gets guest mode, Material Design UI, beta screen casting

Chromecast app Featured

The Material Design train keeps rolling right alone, sometimes longer than expected. While not one of Google’s “major” apps, Chromecast is still widely used, and necessary for obviously connecting, well Chromecasts. Today, the Chromecast app received its Material Design UI ...

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Snag $20 in free movies with purchase of Chromecast


Google, for a limited time, is offering $20 in Google play Movies with the purchase of a Chromecast. Should you buy one of the wildly popular HDMI devices you can take advantage of that, and several other, deals. The free $20 movie credit expires on, and must be added to a Google Wallet account ...

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Chromecast eclipses Apple TV in U.S. streaming device sales

Connect to a Chromecast without using WiFi

As an owner of both the Apple TV and the Chromecast, I have been thoroughly disappointed with one of these devices, and extremely satisfied and surprised by the other. The Chromecast has done more than I ever thought it would, and with all the apps that are continually updated for support, ...

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Comedy Central, Nick and Sesame Street Go can now be cast


Folks have been clamoring for some of their favorite apps to get updated to support Chromecast, and today, we have a few new ones to add to the bunch. Comedy Central, Sesame Street go, and Nickelodeon have all been updated with the ability to cast to your Chromecast without any hiccups or ...

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Chromecast NASA space images, a fine way to space out

Connect to a Chromecast without using WiFi

Do you ever find yourself starring at the plethora of background pictures that come across your Chromecast? Just when you think you’ve seen the coolest pictures, another one moves onto the screen and blows you away. Backgrounds are 27% of the fun of owning a Chromecast. In unrelated news, ...

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NYC Schools approve Chromebooks


Google Chromebooks have slowly but surely gained popularity as they have matured.  One area that has widely accepted Chromebooks is the education sector.  Well, now they will get another boost because New York City schools have approved Google Chromebooks for use in their classrooms.  This ...

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