June 17, 2019

Do you want to learn about Chromecast Development?


Reddit user, cddotdotslash, has made a website specifically for chromecast integration. The website is called chromecasthub.com and there are a number of good introductory guides for you to begin with. The guides that can be found there are:

  • Becoming a Chromecast Developer
  • Setting up your Chromecast for development / using the dev tools
  • Creating a basic Hello World app
  • Creating a bit more advanced app
  • Managing user sessions
  • Adding video casting, play, pause, seeking, etc.
  • Volume controls

If you have any questions for the author, you can ask him anything you want at the reddit post here: reddit

We cover a lot of Chromecast apps here, and we always enjoy checking out new apps that take advantage of the Chromecast. If you have been reading about Chromecast, and haven’t made the jump to one yet, check it out here: Chromecast