June 17, 2019

Cast football and other live sports with WatchESPN [Chromecast App of the Day]


Well, it’s practically the fall season. For many of us this means two things: school starting back up and football. If you want to keep up with all of the football action this fall and pretty much every other sport, WatchESPN is your app. You have access too all of the live ESPN channels 24-7 and you can even see what is currently playing without switching over to that channel. It’s every sport fan’s must-have app.

The Chromecast integration is ideal for people that may not have access to ESPN or cordcutters. At least not in an official, paid capacity. Not that we’re condoning this but wanna-be cordcutters can log in to a family member’s account to stream live events via Chromecast. After playing with this for a bit we find the casting experience is very good. Everything looks and acts just like it was if you were watching ESPN on cable. Except you’re not, and that’s pretty darn cool. Even in a manner in which you pay for cable and TV services we like that Chromecast lets us bring live sports and sports news to other TVs in our house.


  • Full ESPN experience on mobile and on Chromecast
  • No commercials, unless its an ESPN commercial


  • Must have an existing cable subscription to log into before it will work