August 30, 2014

Watch Tumblr blogs as slideshows with Chrome extension


Looking for a new way to catch up on your favorite Tumblr blogs? Maybe you just want to view your own blog in a new way. Whatever the reason, be sure to check out a recently introduced Chrome experience known as Tumblr for Chromecast.

Designed as a weekend project, the app lets users view photos and videos in a continuous slideshow from Tumblr blogs. Users can also opt to have the app display random posts in a shuffled manner. According to the developer, this will be updated and tweaked over time and should stay free.

What’s needed to get this to work?

  1. A Chromecast
  2. Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store
  3. Visit and fill in the blog of choice
  4. Click the button to begin casting!

If you like the experience and want to show the developer a bit of gratitude, you can donate to his beer fund in $3, $5, and $8 amounts.

Tumblr for Chromecast