August 29, 2014

WatzOn.TV announces their 7000th Television Channel

WatzOn.TV have announced at SXSW the launch of their 7000th free channel which can be viewed on a whole range of devices including the Google Chromecast.

It’s a brilliant technology that allows the watcher to control his channels and view all his favorite content at the touch of a button 24/7 via smartphone, tablet, computer and now Google Chromecast.

WatzOn.TV has been around since 2013 and has turned into a popular on-demand video content streamer, offering a suite of applications to push video content to users. The complete channel guide can be found at and includes everything from full-length movies and television series to music videos and sports. There’s even an App for Android to access all the content offered from WatzOn.TV and can be used to cast content to your Google Chromecast.