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Snapchat is a social media platform that comes with limited-time photos and videos sharing. The media shared on this app disappears in a few seconds after it has been viewed. While this is something that attracts teens around the world, it can also bring a lot of problems for them.

Hence, a need arises to become keen on your child’s Snapchat activities and protect them from potential harm.

Why Do Children Misuse Snapchat?

It has been found that teenagers start to share sensitive content through Snapchat because of the fake sense of security. They do so because they believe that they can’t be caught sharing inappropriate content as shared media will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Also, they believe that the shared media can’t be uploaded or forwarded to anyone due to the disappearing feature.

But that is far from reality. Snapchat’s self-destructing feature doesn’t guarantee the security of shared content. Anyone can take a quick screenshot of the snap or can capture a photo of it through another device to use it in the future.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat?

The Internet is full of online predators, cyberbullies, and harassers. As of Snapchat, Forbes even cited the platform as a ‘haven for child abuse.’ With the false sense of security, children can start sharing unsuitable messages or pictures with their contacts and strangers and easily fall prey to cyber offenders.

As a parent, it is essential to monitor your child’s Snapchat to ensure that they are not a part of cyberbullying or sexting. Through Snapchat monitoring, you can act timely when you see someone trying to construct a wrong relationship with your kids.

Is It Possible to Monitor Snapchat Messages?

Snapchat tracking is very tricky as content disappears quickly as soon as someone views it. To track Snapchat conversations, you can’t just rely on knowing your kid’s Snapchat password. Accurate and effective Snapchat monitoring for parents can be done only through tracking applications.

How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat With Monitoring Software and Apps? 

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of apps that provide Snapchat tracker services. But all of them are not reliable.

Before selecting a Snapchat monitoring app, make sure that you consider the following things:

  • The app is advanced and can access all deleted videos and photos.
  • The app can monitor your kids’ Snapchat without making them feel their presence.

3 Best Apps to Monitor Snapchat on Android and iPhones

Most of the Snapchat trackers available on the web are bogus and fake. To help you select the most suitable and reliable Snapchat monitoring app, we list here a few reputable ones.


mSpy is a parental control platform that can access every social media account on your target device. The spying software can track even deleted messages, call histories, and GPS location.

With mSpy, you can keep a 24/7 check on your kids as it updates the target’s info every 5 minutes. You can avail of a 7-day free trial to test the app’s effectiveness.


Mobistealth is another simple-to-use and invisible tool to monitor your kids’ Snapchat. The app provides a 15-day money-back guarantee trial. You can get a complete refund if you aren’t satisfied using the service.


Cocospy is also a reliable app to track your kids’ Snapchat. The app offers nearly the same services as mSpy and Mobistealth, such as monitoring messages and notifying suspicious activity, etc., for equivalent amounts.

What Are the Similarities of Spy Apps?

  • These apps support Snapchat monitoring for iPhone as well as Android phone.
  • They work in an entirely stealthy manner. It means your target user will never be able to detect the app’s presence on their device.
  • If you target someone’s iPhone, you don’t even need to get access to the phone. You can install the app remotely if you know their iCloud credentials.

What Is the Difference between Spy Apps?

Though these Snapchat monitoring apps are similar in their work, there are a few things that differentiate them from each other.

  • Jailbreaking isn’t required to install Mobistealth and Cocospy. However, it is needed when you use mSpy.
  • The subscription packages, user interface, and customization options are different in all of the apps.

How to Monitor Snapchat Messages with Snapchat Tracker Apps?

The best way to monitor the Snapchat messages of your children is by using spying apps. All of the above-mentioned Snapchat tracking apps are extremely easy to use.

You will just have to follow the following simple steps to start tracking someone’s Snapchat without their permission.

1. Create your account on any of the apps.

2. Make payment for your desired package.

3. Get physical access to your target device.

4. Download and install the app into your target device.

5. Set up a few settings and start monitoring the victim from anywhere.

If your victim uses an Apple device, you don’t need to access their mobile phone physically. In that case, you will need just their Apple Store username and password to install the app into their device.

Remember that all of the 3 apps we listed above require payment. However, the long-term benefits you will be getting through them will be worth your money. Still, if you want to know how to track Snapchat free of cost, you can use the apps’ free trial.


As a parent, you can talk to your children about the dangers and dark sides of Snapchat. And if you think that a conversation isn’t going to stop them from falling prey to cyber animals, you can secretly monitor them.

In this age, where the Internet is being frequently used to aid child abuse, parents must adopt a proactive approach to monitor the Snapchat messages of your children to keep them safe. There is only one person in the world who can prevent your kids from becoming victims of cyberbullying and online harassment. And that one person is you.

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